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Ditch Your Suitcase

Ditch Your Suitcase

Apr 17th 2018

 Travel Light

    Moving over to Europe from Canada with nothing but a carry-on, meet Marguerite. The traveler behind the Instagram blog, @berlinandaround

After she mentioned to Rollie the single-bag-move across the world trick, we were dying to hear the answer to,“…what was in the bag?!”

We’ll admit, packing lightly isn’t easy. Before you start the process, you should always make a list. Stay organized! When you start the process, STICK to the list! I know this is the hardest part because every single item in your wardrobe seems valid to pack.

Marguerite encourages you to be honest with yourself,“…will you really wear that evening dress or those stilettos on holiday?”

“Before packing, establish your capsule wardrobe: staples(preferably made of non-wrinkly material) that you can wear more than once and on different occasions” Marguerite comments.

Okay, noted!

After choosing the smartest and lightest items to pack, you need to follow a technique of packing.

“ROLL YOUR CLOTHES! It actually prevents wrinkled clothing.”

You probably just burned 1,000 calories in the process, but it will be worth it! Remember, you brought it, you haul it!

“When it’s a small or light bag, you are doing yourself a favor with flexibility. It’s easier to get around airports, public transport, and if you have a connecting flight. Plus, I knew that, when it came down to it, I didn’t need that much stuff to be comfortable.”


  Earn While You Travel

I was eager to ask questions regarding earning while you travel.

I see all these Instagram bloggers and influencers traveling the world and with immediate jealousy, I have to know how they received the opportunity!

    As a copywriter, I was fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, which led me to explore several Australian cities, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, before hopping across the planet to spend a few months in New York City.


         Before the traveling tour I planned 6 months worth of savings before I booked flights - it’s always better to delay a trip for a few months in your favor. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re financially, OK”


         …After those remote months, I bought a one-way ticket to Paris with the goal of spending every month in a different city for a year. Traveling isn't always as easy and glamorous as it the editors make it seem, plans change, you meet people, and even might fall in love!”


         …long story short, my grand European tour didn't exactly go as planned - I fell in love with Berlin, and a man, and now I’m based in Germany’s vibrant capital.”


Advice For Aspiring Travel Writers

   “If you’re at the very beginning of your journey, I recommend starting a blog, a travel Instagram, or both! It was through my Australian travel blog that I got my first copywriting gig in the industry. Instagram has also opened many doors and led to freelance contracts in both writing and photography.”
“Look, even if you can’t travel at this time, start a blog!”
Write on:
-Travel tips about your hometown(a great way to show off your writing skills and put your name out there).
-High-quality articles. You are your own brand.
Market on:
-Your blog, make it stand out. Google is your new best friend. Get ideas!
What’s next?
-create your own portfolio.
-apply for writing jobs/ freelance opportunities.
-you can even join Facebook groups for freelance travel writers or digital nomads.
“If you’re like I was and desperately wanted to travel or move to a different country, there are many options. If you’re under 30, you can get a working holiday visa to most countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. This allows you to earn while you travel!”

See more on @berlinandaround Instagram!

Told By: @Berlinandaround Words By: Emma Goodnough