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Rollie x Amber Vittoria

Rollie x Amber Vittoria

 Amber Vittoria depicts womanhood from a feminist point of view.

NYC-based visual artist Amber Vittoria has co-designed three pieces of wearable art with Rollie. Each shoe leverages a feminist narrative: The boot speaks to the idea of "keeping your head in the clouds and feet on the ground," the derby celebrates to the beauty of body hair, and the mule brings awareness to the global feminist issue of cat-calling. 

Amber Vittoria

About Amber

Amber Vittoria is known around the world for her unforgettable female forms. They are awash with inviting colours and speak to the power, strength and intelligence of women. Her work also translates very well into various mediums and collaborative projects.

Amber is a full-time artist who lives and works in New York City. You probably recognize her colourful, blocky and hairy-legged figures from places like Manrepeller, Vogue, and The New York Times.


Amber Vittoria





A Story-First Approach

Soon after they first met, Rollie designer Vince Lebon received 3 pieces of writing from Amber: stories about global feminist issues that are also autobiographical.

Amber and Vince designed the entire collection around Amber's words.

The result of Amber and Vince's new approach is wearable art that speaks to femininity and the female form through the lens of personal experience.


Amber Vittoria




Head in the Clouds

You need to toot your horn to get what you want, but women negotiating for themselves frequently encounter backlash.

Amber says, "This boot is a portrait of a woman with her head amongst clouds (and her literal feet are on the ground)."

"This piece speaks to women who have been told they are too aggressive when asking for what they deserve, for dreaming big."

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Amber Vittoria





This Little Piggy

"My mom used to sing 'This Little Piggy' as she pointed to my toes, and I loved it. It gave me confidence in the appearance of my feet, which were (and still are) on the larger and more hairy side. The societal expectation of women, and their feet, is to be small, dainty, and smooth. This shoe helps remind me to always embrace the beauty of my feet and give them a shoe that champions who they are."

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Amber Vittoria








Eyes Over Here, Buddy

"After I met with Rollie, I was walking from home to another meeting and was cat-called."

"'You have that gym ass, yeah you with the brown purse and blue jeans,' to be specific."

"How he used what I was wearing to ensure I knew he was speaking to me was infuriating; in turn, these shoes are meant to be worn as a reminder to society that this still happens all too often." 

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